Laurel Rathbun

Photo by Meg McMahon

Born 1996, Monument, CO
Current City: Monument, CO
Height: 6'0
Team: Raleigh Clement / Marian University
Specialty: CX / Track / Stage Racer/ Bacon Lover
Twitter: @baconandbikes
Instagram: @laurelridesbikes
Career Highlights:

4th at Nationals U23 Women 2015&2016
3rd at Collegiate CX Nationals D1 Women 2016
4th at Collegiate CX Nationals D1 Women 2015
2nd at Collegiate Road Nationals D1 Women 2015
11x National Champion - CX, Road, and Track
47 x National Podiums - Junior, U23 Women, and Collegiate - CX, Road, Track and MTB
1 UCI Podium Elite Women
3 UCI Top 5 finishes Elite Women 
13 UCI Top 10 finishes Elite Women

Get to know Laurel
Do you remember your first race? How old were you and what kind of race was it? Were you nervous?
I don't remember the name, location or even the result of my first bike race, but I do remember lining up with
the 8 & 9 year old boys and the only thought going through my head was that I had to beat them. I remember
pedaling around on my purple Gary Fisher mountain bike and smiling at my parents every time I rode by them.

Your most memorable ride?
I don't know that I have a most memorable ride, but I can definitely think of small moments on various rides
that remind me why I love cycling. Its the little things like winning the downhill sprint on a Sunday group ride,
singing random songs with my Marian Cycling teammates while we are in the midst of a 13 mile climb, or stopping
to eat lunch at the edge of a 500 ft cliff on a mt bike ride in Moab.
Favorite food? Favorite music/artist? Favorite place on Earth and why?
Bacon is my favorite food ever (my twitter handle is @baconandbikes) and Chipotle is a close second.
Favorite artist is Taylor Swift; I love her music. I haven't found my favorite place on Earth yet, I still have so
much travelling to do and I want to designate that title to a very special place.
How do you prep before a race? Particular rituals, music, etc? What do you look forward to most after a race?
I have a pump up playlist on my phone that I have to listen to before every race. As long as I am listening to music,
I don't feel nervous. My prerace meals, for CX races, consists of oatmeal, rice, an Allys bar, and a Starbucks Esspresso
drink. I always look forward to watching the races after I am done. I love cheering on my teammates and seeing how
they race, looking to see what I can do differently.
If you were on a deserted island with plenty of food, water and shelter, what other 3 things would you want to have with you?
I would definitely want my unicorn pillow pet named Gladdis, my phone and my dog, Lola.

Dogs or cats?
Dogs - always

What is one thing you hope you accomplished in 5 years? 10 years?
My biggest goal that I want to achieve is going to the Olympics. I've wanted to go ever since I started racing at the age of 7.

If you could give one piece of advice to young cyclists out there, what would it be?
Find a training partner. My dad is my training partner and he made training and riding so much fun. He would get off work
early to do intervals with me and go on 5 hour rides on the weekends with me. If you have a coach, a friend, teammate,
mentor, parent, sibling, or anybody that will ride with you and train with you, it makes it so much more fun.

Describe your perfect pizza.
My perfect pizza is a Hawaiian pizza, but with bacon added to it.
Pink or black?
Pink. Pink is my favorite color.