Nicole Kalogeropoulos



Events: Ultra Distances
Born: 1982, Chicago, IL
Current Residence: Dallas, TX
Career Highlights:
 - 2014 USA Track and Field Ultrarunner of the Year
 - 2014 USA Track and Field National Champion: 100 miles
 - 2015 USA Track and Field National Champion: 100 miles
 - Set new North American record for 100 mile (trail) distance at 2015 USA Track and Field 
   National Championship with a time of 14:22:18
Nicole is an attorney currently living in Dallas, TX. As an NCAA athlete, Nicole ran cross-country for 
Northwestern University before taking a break from competition while attending law school in Texas. In 
2011 Nicole began running marathons in Texas, including the Ft. Worth “Cowtown” Marathon where 
she placed first in 2012. She began ultrarunning in 2012, starting with 60K and 50 mile distances. She 
ran her first 100 mile race in 2013.


Getting to know Nicole
Do you remember your first race? 
Definitely! My first race was a 6th grade cross country meet over a 1.5 mile course. Looking back, I can't believe 
how far 1.5 miles felt when I was 11 years old.
Do you remember when you fell in love with running? 
I fell in love with running the following year in 7th grade. I went to try out for the basketball team. During try-outs,
the coach pulled me aside and suggested I go out for the cross country team instead. She had seen me run the
mile in gym class and knew I had no hope of making the basketball team. I am still thankful for the advice of that
coach and her encouragement.
Beach or Mountains? 
Mountains to explore the trails. 
What made you decide to go for the ultra distances? Was it the challenge? 
I loved the challenge associated with an ultra race. I always feel such a sense of accomplishment after I complete 
a long distance race.
How do you find the time to juggle career and training runs? 
Running is an excellent stress release. I travel quite a bit for work, so I have learned to pack my running shoes. It 
has been great to run in cities all around the US.
What does a typical week of training look like? 
I typically run about 100 miles per week. On Mondays, I try to get in a tempo run with some of my speedier friends. 
On the weekends, I get in longer runs, preferably on the trails.
Are there any tricks you've found work best for you the night before a race and during the race to keep up energy and stamina? 
I try to get a couple of nights of good sleep the night before the race, as being alert makes a significant difference mentally. 
I also spend time thinking about the event and my goals for the race.
What is your favorite food? 
My friends make fun of me because I love salmon and could probably eat it every night for dinner.   
Where would you like to travel to next for fun? 
I would love to travel to Patagonia in the next few years. 
How was UTMB? What surprised you most about the race? 
UTMB was an amazing experience. The 104 mile course travels through France, Italy, and Switzerland, so you get to 
see a bit of each country. During parts of the course, I felt as though I was in a scene from the Sound of Music.
After reading some of the articles written online about you - why no watch? How are you able to pace yourself. Do you 
base your speed on how you're feeling?
I prefer to run based on how I feel. This is especially important in trail races because you may be traveling up a mountain 
and a twenty minute mile is the fastest split on the course all day.
What are your next goals for racing? 
I am running Western States in June.   
Chocolate or vanilla ice cream?