What is n+1?

What is N Plus One (N+1)?

In the cycling world the N+1 rule refers to the number of bikes that a person should own. The definition according to velominati.com: “While the minimum number of bikes one should own is 3, the correct number is N+1, where N is the number of bikes currently owned.”

You always need 1 more. We definitely share this attitude about bikes, but even more so toward the actual bike ride. The moment a ride is completed, thoughts are directed toward the next ride and always wanting 1 more….the +1. We feel this way not only about bike rides, but also runs and swims. With that next ride, run, or swim always on your mind you want to wear something that represents your passion and the joy you get out of these activities. The feeling doesn’t just end once you're home and cleaned up. Throw on one of our comfy shirts to wear for the rest of the day. You’re always thinking about the +1, so wear what’s on your mind.